About XADO

Xado EA is the exclusive representative for Xado Chemical Group in Kenya and the East African region. The company was founded in 1991 in Kharkov, Ukraine and launched in East Africa in January 2014.

Xado EA offers a variety of innovative nanotechnology based products including revitalizants, metal conditioners, oils, greases, fuel additives and car care and maintenance products.

The unique products we offer are unmatched in the East African market in delivering quality to the end user. We thus guarantee improved performance, efficiency and improvement in vehicle reliability with use of our products.

For our partners this translates to savings in fuel and repair expenses and that they too play their part in environmental conservation because of reduced toxic emissions while driving. We have certifications from a number of internationally recognized bodies such as American Petroleum Institute (API), European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), TecDoc
and TUV which approve the quality, safety and usability of our products in vehicles and other machinery. Our products also meet and exceed the requirements of a number of vehicle manufacturers including Mercedes, VW, Opel (GM), MAN and others.