Xado Maxiflush Universal Cleaner for EGR, Injector and Carburetor



Universal cleaner for engine systems with hard to reach deposits and contamination. Powerful cleaner of the carburetor, throttle valve, EGR valve (exhaust gas recirculation), removes carbon deposits from stuck piston springs. An irreplaceable product for removing carbon and varnish films from injectors, atomizers, valves, combustion chamber, piston head and ring grooves on a dismantled engine. Quickly (in 3 minutes) softens and solves all types of deposits. This is the most effective means of removing badly soluble impurities. Cleaning the carburetor. Remove the air filter. Start the engine. Spray all visible parts thoroughly with the cleaner. During cleaning, you will ensure a high speed using the throttle lever. Cleaning a Injector, Gas Valve Spray a thick layer on the Gas (throttle) valve (in the air intake manifold) if the engine is hot and switched off. Let the engine run at high speed for 3 5 minutes. Cleaning EGR valves. Disassemble the valve. Spray the soiled surface thoroughly with the cleaner. Wipe it dry after 3 minutes. Repeat the process if necessary. Clean contaminated parts. Spray contaminated parts with the cleaner. Wipe dry after 3 minutes. Repeat the process if necessary. Uncoated of piston springs. 1. Heat the engine. Important! The engine should be hot but not hot. 2. Disconnect all spark plug cables and carefully remove all spark plugs. 3. Shake the aerosol container very well. Spray the cleaner in the cylinder (5 sec per cylinder) and immediately turn the spark plug into the cylinder. Repeat this procedure per cylinder. 4. Wait 15 20 minutes. Remove all spark plugs. Carefully cover the cylinder openings with a good absorbent cloth so that the agent does not come on the paint. Start the engine 4 5 times for a few seconds. 5.Replace the spark plug and connect the wires. 6. Start the engine and run it at high speeds for 15 20 minutes. The pollution is removed through the exhaust.

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