Verylube Brake Caliper Grease



High-temperature grease for guide fingers of a brake caliper sliding carriage.

Special high-temperature grease applied to prevent sticking and seizing of brake pads on guide fingers of a sliding carriage.

  • – Provides accurate operation of the whole sliding carriage mechanism, absolute abutment of brake pads and quick unbraking of a brake disc at the end of braking.
  • – Prolongs service life of the whole braking system of a vehicle.
  • – Eliminates noise and creaks when braking.
  • – Resistant to high loads.
  • – Has a wide temperature range of application: –35… 400 °С.
  • 1. Twist out the guide fingers of a brake caliper.
  • 2. Shake the can.
  • 3. Apply evenly several layers of the grease (up to 5). Let each layer dry before applying the next one.
  • 4. Assemble the unit.

Use when replacing brake pads or next maintenance work.

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