Verylube Octane Booster

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High performance Petrol fuel octane Booster made by XADO, simply pour into your fuel tank before filling.

One 250ml can is enough for 60-liters of fuel.

  • – Can increase octane rating by 5~6 units
  • – Eliminates detonation (ping & knock) and the risk of surface ignition
  • – Helps with cold starting and rough engine idle
  • – Can reduce fuel consumption
  • – Safe for catalyst converters and Oxygen sensors
  • – Great for use in high compression performance cars
  • – Perfect for Classic American V8’s

A quality XADO product that does the job first time, every time!

Sold in a no mess easy pour 250ml can (for up to 60-liters of fuel) with full instructions.

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Verylube Octane Booster

KSh 1,200.00

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