Verylube Universal Lithium Grease

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Universal consistent grease with EP (Extreme Pressure) formula.

It is applied to lubricate and protect assemblies and joints operating under high thermal and mechanical loads. It is used to lubricate friction and frictionless bearings of various assemblies and mechanisms. Owing to ЕР (Extreme Pressure) complex, it is capable to protect mechanisms from the destructive wear while operating and when the use of regular lithium greases is not permitted.

  • – Possesses high mechanical and chemical stability and keeps protective and anti-wear properties even after prolonged mechanical and thermal loads.
  • – Owing to the strong adhesive properties, it remains on the lubricated surfaces even under the action of vibration and high rotation speeds.
  • – Water-resistant and can be used in assemblies operating in contact with water.
  • – Forms good isolation and prevents bearing contamination.
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Verylube Universal Lithium Grease

KSh 750.00

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