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What kind of oil is the best for treatment: old or new, synthetic or mineral?

It makes no difference because the revitalizant is compatible with any type of oil. It does not chemically react with them and does not change their viscosity, physicochemical or operational properties. The oil only carries the revitalizant to the friction surfaces.

I am the second owner; I have no idea what kind of oil was used in the engine. Can I use XADO products?

Even if some additives have been applied to the engine earlier, they will not cause much effect on the revitalizants’ action.

Won’t the additive settle in the bottom of the oil pan and lose its efficiency if the car is not used for a long period of time?

No, the revitalizant will not settle. After the revitalizant’s application, the engine should idle from 2 to 5 minutes. At this time the revitalizant will completely dissolve in oil, even if the mechanism has not been used for a long period of time.

While idling, the oil pressure indicator blinks. Will the revitalizant help?

There are many reasons for reduced oil pressure, ranging from a failure of the sensor to serious wear of the oil pump, bushings or crankshaft journals. If the wear is not complete, the revitalizant will help.

How can fuel economy be reached?

For cars with high mileage, the fuel economy is first reached by the engine’s wear compensation and reconditioning of its operating parameters to their default values. On a new engine, the optimization of the inter-facings and reduction of friction losses will help you cut down the expenses down the road.


What is revitalizant for your car?

Consider it medicine. If your car is “ill” with noise, smoking, overconsumption of oil or fuel, decrease of power and compression level, the revitalizant will “heal” it. Revitalizant also works as a preventive agent, so your car does not get “ill” at all. Treatment of car parts will protect your car from serious problems in the future.

I am going to apply revitalizant to my new car, but it is under the warranty…

We stick to the emphatic opinion that it is best to apply the revitalizant compound to the engine during the breaking- in period. The application of the revitalizant is especially efficient when engine parts are new. Due to the revitalizant effect the breaking-in goes quicker, softer, more efficiently and almost without losses of metal into “boring”

When is it best to start the application of the revitalizant?

Revitalizant is effective at any stage of car operation and is always useful. The most important thing is that the unit must be in an operative state. Ideally, the revitalizant should be applied from the breaking-in period on.

Can I drive without oil if I use revitalizant?

No. Driving without oil is only a spectacular test that demonstrates the unique properties of the metal-ceramic coating. The revitalizant has not been designed for driving without oil; only for the increase of the operational life and reliability of car parts. Oil is not just a lubricant. It also washes, cools, works as a hydraulic fluid by operation of hydraulic lifters, and provides other functions. Oil is necessary even for the car that has undergone the full revitalization cycle. However, under extreme conditions such as loss of oil or driving with a perforated housing, the revitalizant will provide reliable protection for your car.

How long does the revitalizant’s effect last?

Tests show that the protective coating remains even after 100,000 km (62,000 miles) of run. After 100,000 km (62,000 miles) it is advisable to repeat the revitalization cycle. To support the surface restoring potential at the highest level it is strongly recommended to use oil with the atomic revitalizant XADO Atomic Oil or Atomic Metal Conditioners (AMC) with revitalizant after each oil change.


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