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1 Stage Engine Revitalizant Magnum for Diesel Trucks 90ml

  • Restoration and protection against wear of friction surfaces in cylinder-piston group, crank-and-rod and gas-distributing mechanisms
  • Creating of effective protective system for engine’s parts against wear and overloads at all operational modes
  • Leveling and increasing of compression in cylinders
  • Protection of an engine against consequences of cold start
  • Considerable decreasing of fuel consumption
  • Elimination of emissions into the atmosphere
  • Increasing of an engine power, improving its acceleration response time
  • Noise and vibration reduction
  • Expansion of car assemblies’ lifespan by 2-3 times


Squeeze out the content of the tube into the oil filler neck of the engine warmed up to the operating temperature. Start the engine and let it idle 3-5 minutes. Further operation of the vehicle is to be carried out in the normal mode.


One tube of 1 Stage MAGNUM gel-revitalizant (90 ml) is enough for the engine with the volume of oil system up to 45 quarts.


The compound is compatible with all types of engine oils.
It takes about 600 miles to complete the treatment cycle. During this time oil change is not recommended.
Repeated application is recommended after 62 000 miles of run.
To provide the highest level of protection against wear it is recommended to use further XADO Atomic Oil.

Additional marking

RF (Revitalization factor) — (Revitalization factor) is an index of efficiency and protection of engine’s wear.
RF=100 means that the product contains enough Revitalizant for the maximal possible restoring and repairing properties. As a result of treatment the transmission assembly will undergo the full cycle of revitalization, it will be totally restored and reliably protected against wear for 62 000 ml .


Tube 90 ml


10W-40 4T MA 4 Stroke for Motorcycle Engines


XADO ATOMIC OIL 10W-40 4T MA Super Synthetic Full synthetic oil for 4-stroke engines of motor equipment.

Contains atomic revitalizant. Specially colored green. Applied for 4-stroke engines of motorcycles, scooters, all terrain vehicles and other motor equipment.

Specially recommended for engines operating under heavy loads.


XADO Atomic Oil 10W-40 4Т MA Super Synthetic is a full synthetic oil of the latest generation with viscosity SAE 10W-40 for 4-stroke engines of motor equipment. Meets and exceeds the highest requirements for the oils for 4-stroke engines of motorcycles (JASO MA).
Base oil for XADO Atomic 10W-40 4T MA is made on the basis of complex synthetic base oils from the North Sea oil. Alloyed with special additive package.

High reliability and stability to extreme loads will be always kept in top condition due to the patented formula of atomic revitalizant, included into XADO Atomic Oil. Application of revitalizants is considered as a prospective direction in the area of energy and resource-savings and is confirmed by certification tests in 35 countries of the world.

Additional advantages:

  • specially designed for modern high-power 4-stroke engines of motorcycles, operating under heavy loads (high speed, long-term maximum and/or dynamic loads);
  • very effective for engines of road and off-road motorcycles with integrated (or separated) transmission;
  • ensures smooth gear shift and provides reliable clutch operation in the oil bath;
  • owing to improved detergent properties, the oil keeps the engine completely clean;

Technical info

  • Density at 70 F, kg/l – 0,872
  • Viscosity at 212 F, mm2/s – 15,0
  • Viscosity at 104 F, mm2/s – 100,5
  • Viscosity index – 156
  • Flash point, F – 392
  • Pour point, F – <-25
  • Base number, mgKOH/g – >8,5
  • Sulfated ash, wt.- >1,0
  • Color, visual – green

When using the oil, please consider recommendations of the manufacturer of the correspondent equipment.



10W-40 CI-4 Diesel 1Ltr


XADO Atomic Oil 10W CI-4 Diesel is high quality semi-synthetic motor oil for diesel engines of passenger cars, trucks, buses and vans. Contains atomic revitalizant.

XADO Atomic Oil 10W-40 CI-4 Diesel is the best multigrade semi-synthetic motor oil for diesel engines. The oil possesses perfect performance level owing to base oils of hydrockracking synthesis and additive package which is specially designed for diesel engines.


This oil meets and exceeds requirements of American (API CI-4 Plus), European (ACEA B4/E4) and international (Global DHD-1) standards and specifications of the leading OEMs (MB,VW,Volvo,Mack).

Resource, reliability and power of the engine will be always kept in top condition owing to the patented formula of atomic revitalizant, contained in XADO Atomic Oil. Application of revitalizants is considered as a prospective direction in the area of energy and resource-savings and is confirmed by certification tests in 35 countries of the world.


  • Specially designed for diesel engines
  • Very effective for modern high-forced engines (including turbocharged ones, maltivalve, direct injection and with gas recirculation system)
  • Reliably protects engine which operates with fuel with high sulfur content (S < 0,5%)
  • Ensures reliable protection during run-in and regular engine operation
  • Has high performance level reserve and stable during long drain intervals (up to 6 215miles in Volvo Euro-3, VDS-3 engines)
  • Contributes to fuel economy due to reduction of friction losses, especially when engine starts and at idle run;
  • Keeps engine clean, neutralizes soot in the oil
  • Prolongs engine service life up to 2-3 times, and significantly reduces expenses for its maintenance
  • Extends service life of a new engine and a used one owing to resource-saving effect of the revitalizant

Technical info

  • Density at 70 F, kg/l
  • Viscosity at 212 F, mm2/s
  • Viscosity at 104 F, mm2/s
  • Viscosity at – 13 F, mPa s
  • Viscosity index
  • Flash point, F
  • Pour point, F
  • Sulphated ash, wt %
  • Base number, mgKOH/g

Application instructions

The oil is applied to diesel engines of vehicles and special land equipment (please, take into account recommendations of original equipment manufacturer).

AMC 1 Stage Maximum Auto. Trans for Diesel Trucks 50ml


Designed for repair, restoration and antiwear protection of automatic transmissions During the treatment of an automatic transmission, a ceramic-metal coating


AMC 1 Stage Maximum for Diesel Trucks 950 ml


Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Diesel Truck for a diesel engine with 1 Stage Revitalizant is an innovative product specially designed


AMC 1 Stage Maximum Power Steering for Diesel Trucks 30ml


The compound is designed for revitalization – repair, restoration, antiwear protection and an increase of service life of power steering


Antifreeze Blue BS


– Ensures optimal temperature conditions in all operation modes of the engine. – Prevents foaming of fluid and formation of


Antifreeze Red 12+


Exceeds the requirements for coolants for engines of passenger cars and trucks manufactured by VW, MB, Ford, Opel, MAN etc.


Anyway Lubricant with Revitalizant


  – Lubricates assembly parts and restores friction surfaces. – Protects from rust and corrosion under conditions of increased humidity.

AtomEX Diesel Energy Drive


POWER AMPLIFIER FOR DIESEL ENGINE. – Increases energy-conversion efficiency of fuel . – Improves acceleration properties. – Increases cetane rating.

AtomEX Diesel F8 Complex


PRODUCT DESIGNED TO PROTECT DIESEL ENGINE AGAINST LOW-QUALITY FUEL. – Improves the properties of low-quality fuel up to the level

Atomex Multi Cleaner (Petrol)


HIGH PERFORMANCE FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER FOR GASOLINE ENGINE. – Cleans fuel system up to the level of technical purity. –